BS Ms Psychology

  • Fully accredited and registered in France ADELI 459307468
  • Life coach
  • Languages spoken: english, french and spanish

I am an independent counsellor and psychotherapist with a bicultural background, and I have been an expatriate for more than 20 years.

I have twenty-five years of experience working in different clinical psychology environments. During the first few years of my practice, I worked as part of the psychiatric team at the HIM (one of the major paediatric hospitals in Mexico City). My main role at that time was being part of the psychotherapist’s team taking charge of adolescent inpatients and their families.

After moving to Singapore, my practice has been directed to adults, providing psychotherapy and counselling services to individuals and couples.

My techniques are tailored specifically for each one of my clients. Generally, I use psychoanalytical and humanistic interventions, which help clients learn to identify the origins of their difficulties and why these difficulties persist, opening the way to awareness, growth, healing, and fulfilment within themselves and in their relationships. 

For individuals, I believe in counselling as a good source of support that we all need at transitional stages, such as becoming a parent for the first time, carriers changes, decision making, personal development, or simply moments of appraisal about their life choices.

In my experience, couples struggle a lot sometimes because moving around the world with a family, is not an easy task. The sense of not belonging, as well as language and cultural barriers, do not make life any easier.  

Being an expatriate has given me the opportunity to work with clients of more than thirty different nationalities, which has made me aware of the struggles that intercultural couples go through. Intercultural couples’ strives worsen and their endeavours are profound when they have the stress due to adapting to a third-culture.

In some cases the adjustment period is especially challenging because of their underlying differences. Such as family traditions, values, beliefs, communication styles, language misunderstandings, and others. 

In other cases, couples consult me at moments of extreme vulnerability; for example, when an infidelity has been disclosed. Critical times or fragility periods are important turning points and decision making during a crisis is not recommended, The couple may need the support, the sense of control and security that an impartial non-judgemental party (the therapist) will provide.

Sidewise, I have a solid experience helping those afflicted by anxiety, bereavement, loss, depression, complex relationships, sexuality related worries, post-traumatic stress, phobias and compulsions.

If you would like more information about my services, don't hesitate to contact me.